Churches Together

Churches Together

For many years the churches in the Sudbury area have been actively sharing and working together in a variety of ways so that the Good News that God loves us all may be shared with everybody.

We believe that:
God’s love was expressed when his Son Jesus became a man and lived on this earth. He experienced kindness, devotion, admiration, rejection, betrayal, pain, humiliation, suffering and a slow painful death on a Cross. But that was not the end. Three days after his death God raised him from the tomb. Jesus Christ suffered and took on himself the sins of every one of us so that we can know God, his Love, his forgiveness and the gift of eternal life. We are part of the national movement Churches Together in England.

Personal Covenant

We, as servants of the church in Sudbury & District, acknowledge with joy our membership one of another in Christ and in His ministry which we share; we acknowledge with sorrow all that hinders the full expression of our union in Jesus Christ, the one mediator between God and humankind (1Tim2:5).

Therefore we covenant to come together – in prayer and study; in prophetic and public witness; in planning for mission through evangelism and social action, for Christian nurture, and for the building up of the church locally.Together we seek the help of the Holy Spirit in these things so that where we live and work the loving purposes of God for His creation may be served.To this covenant we now commit ourselves, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

This Covenant was signed by more than 200 church members at and soon after a United Service in January 2007. It was previously renewed on 19th January 1997

Kettle and Fish

The Kettle & Fish at St Peters Church, Market Hill, Sudbury, is a Christian presence in the centre of the town.It is open most Thursdays from 9.45 am to 2 pm.
Here you will find spiritual and physical refreshment.

 We offer:

*Tea, coffee, soup, toast, cakes
*Fairtrade stall
*Christian bookstall
*Opportunity to talk with friends
*Information about Local Churches and other Christian *Activities
*‘Listeners’ available to talk to
*Prayer corner
*Other occasional stalls – crafts, missions, etc

Causeway Prospects

A group for those with learning disabilities and wanting to know more about the Christian faith.

We meet at All Saints Church Hall, Church Street, Sudbury on the fourth Monday of each month from 7.30pm – 8.45pm.

For further information contact Lynne Fish on 379407 or Sue Gilbert on 880381.

AGLOW - Sudbury Chapter

Aglow is an international organisation of Christian women. We meet on Tuesday mornings at 72 North Street and on a Saturday at the Delphi Centre.

TiS&D Football team

How we began...
We began in 2005. A group of Christians from Sudbury, Suffolk, with a passion for football, decided to meet together once a week. Our aim was to get to know one another a little better, whilst playing the game we love. After that, a few friends joined us. We started to form ourselves into teams. More friends joined us and we started to form ourselves into additional teams, based loosely around the churches and Christian organisations to which we belong. We call it Fellowship Football, because the whole thing is centred around Christian fellowship. We are not a church league as such. Rather, as a group of Christians, we see this as just part of the process of living out our Christian lives. Our teams are not made up exclusively of Christians, but the basis on which we meet is definitely cantered around Christ.

United in Christ...
Since we first started we have been growing in numbers. As new players and teams have joined us we think it is important that we explain what we are about, so that if God continues to allow us to grow in numbers we will remain true to our original Christian objectives. We all come from different church backgrounds, various denominations with their differing styles of worship, forms of government emphasis on certain doctrines. Although there are many fellowships, Scripture is quite clear that Jesus is coming back for only one ‘bride’ and not ‘many brides’ and although we are from many ‘churches’ there is only one true ‘church’. They are believers whose hope and faith is in Jesus Christ. It is He who is the foundation on which we all meet.

Are non-believers welcome? The answer to that question is most definitely “Yes!” When Jesus walked upon the earth thousands flocked to him. They could see the obvious benefits, the miracles the healings. Many of them stood at a ‘safe’ distance from him. As they observed him and they listened to what he had to say, they became convinced about what he said about mankind and himself. That he truly was the Son of God and some put their faith in Him. (John 1 v12) Some did not, but he welcomed them all. (John 6 v37).

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