St. Gregory's Parish Church, Sudbury, Suffolk

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We are OPEN on Sundays and Wednesdays

For months, as we have struggled to be together in spirit while being physically separated, we have longed to be back in our beloved church building and to celebrate the sacraments together and we are now able to  re start this in a controlled way.

From the 20th September Holy Communion will be on Sunday at 10.00am with Modern Common Worship service at 8.00am. On a   Wednesday at 11am there will be a service of Holy Communion.

This will be reviewed over the next few weeks and we will keep you posted. The 2m rule for social distancing remains in force for places of worship so how many we can accommodate for worship depends on how many we can fit in with social distancing in place. Based on the measurements we did for private prayer,  there will be about 50 seats available.  In line with new Government  guidelines face masks should be worn in church.

After the Sunday 8am service there will be an opportunity to join me for quiet prayer for our town and all who live here. This will be from 9-9.30am. It may feel like a safer way to be worshipping in the building on a Sunday morning than a Communion service for some of you, and I hope it will continue for at least a while.

Following the service on a Wednesday the church will remain open until 3pm for private prayer.

From 20th September  the Zoom service will be on the first   Sunday of the month. We will also continue with our regular weekly mailing.

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We are open for private prayer every Wednesday 12 noon - 3pm
Send us your personal prayer requests from our prayers page

St Gregory's Parish Church

About Us:

St Gregory’s is an Anglican Church (Church of England) serving most of the town of Sudbury, Suffolk in the United Kingdom.  St Gregory’s has been in Sudbury for many centuries and continues to be a focus for the local community and is seen by many as the "Mother Church" of Sudbury. St Gregory’s aims to provide for the spiritual needs of the town and wants all who come, whether just as visitors to the building, or to join in with the worship, to feel a warm welcome.

Offering a range of Christian worship on weekdays and Sundays which is both welcoming and inclusive. St Gregory's continues to serve the local community through baptisms, weddings and funerals, and as a venue for Civic and other services, and as a church building that is open daily and provides a peaceful space for visits and for prayer and reflection.

Come and look around our beautiful and ancient building, soak up the atmosphere, and perhaps light a candle for a loved one.

Visiting  Us:

The church is not open at the present time  for  general visits.

Please see the  message at the top of the page  for information regarding private prayer. 

Speak to Someone:

The Revd. Canon Cheryl Collins can be contacted on 01787 375027 and would be pleased to hear from you.

For more information:

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Regular Services

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Sunday 8am Modern Common Worship and 10.00 Holy Communion 11am Wednesday (with restrictions)

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