St. Gregory's Parish Church, Sudbury, Suffolk

"Your Community - Your Church"

The retirement of  Rev. Canon Cheryl Collins

It was announced this week that the Rev Cheryl Colins is to retire at the end of this year. For a full statment from Cheryl please click here

Public worship

Communion is now being celebrated each Sunday at 8am and 10am and also on Wednesdays at 11am. However there is no news yet about lessening requirements to wear a mask in church, to social distance, to sing or to take the wine at Communion. All this is likely to be with us for a good while yet. Please be aware and keep to these guidelines while in church. We will continue our weekly letters until we are sure they are no longer needed.

St Gregory's Parish Church

About Us:

St Gregory’s is an Anglican Church (Church of England) serving most of the town of Sudbury, Suffolk in the United Kingdom.  St Gregory’s has been in Sudbury for many centuries and continues to be a focus for the local community and is seen by many as the "Mother Church" of Sudbury. St Gregory’s aims to provide for the spiritual needs of the town and wants all who come, whether just as visitors to the building, or to join in with the worship, to feel a warm welcome.

Offering a range of Christian worship on weekdays and Sundays which is both welcoming and inclusive. St Gregory's continues to serve the local community through baptisms, weddings and funerals, and as a venue for Civic and other services, and as a church building that is open daily and provides a peaceful space for visits and for prayer and reflection.

Come and look around our beautiful and ancient building, soak up the atmosphere, and perhaps light a candle for a loved one.

Visiting  Us:

The church is not open at the present time  for  general visits.

Please see the  message at the top of the page  for information regarding private prayer. 

Prayer requests:

Send us your personal prayer requests from our prayers page

Speak to Someone:

The Revd. Cheryl Collins can be contacted on  01787 375027

To find out more about weddings, baptisms etc  contact the parish secretary at : or phone 07956456126 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9am -2 pm

The Revd. Tom Mumford will be on placement from 20th May and working in the Hadleigh parishes until September.

For more information:

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Regular Services

Church Open at specified times

Wednesday Holy communion at 11am

Sunday Holy Communion at 8am and10am

Life Events

Baptism: - More Information

Christenings: - More Information

Weddings: -- More Information

Funerals: - - More Information


Special Services

Special Days

Calendar of Services and Events at St Gregs

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Giving on Line

St Gregory's welcomes help in many ways. Should you be able to support the church financially, please see giving on line information.

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St gregoryBells Restoration a peal

Our church bells need to be overhauled without causing financial problems for the parish. Can you help towards the restoration?

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