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Rev Tom Mumford's Pilgrimage to Bury St Edmunds

22nd August 2020


You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote to you about journeys, and how I was going to make one of my own, on pilgrimage to Bury St Edmunds. Well, since then plans have developed and I now have a date, Saturday 22nd August. The Dean will be welcoming me at the cathedral (so long as I make it in time!) ahead of Evening Prayer, meaning I’ll have to set off early. Probably around 7am.

I will begin in prayer at our parish church of St Gregory’s and end in prayer at the cathedral and the abbey ruins where St Edmund’s shrine once laid. I will be walking largely on the St Edmund Way, and having mapped out my route earlier this week (maps sprawled across my dining table making it look more like Churchill’s War Rooms) I estimate an 18-20 mile walk. So it won’t be easy!

As I explained before, the main purpose of the pilgrimage is to gather your prayers, the prayers of our town and parish, and offer them to God. I will do so on the way, but also at my destination, which has been a site of pilgrimage for a thousand years, and at one point the busiest pilgrim destination in all England. As many who have walked this path before me, I now have a growing fascination and devotion to St Edmund, England’s original patron saint. If you wish to submit your prayer requests, of course privately, please send them to me, or if you’d rather, there will be a web form appearing on the homepage of our website soon.

While I’m making my pilgrimage, it was suggested to me that I may as well raise some money for charity. After all, an 18 to 20 mile walk in one day is no mean feat, even for someone as spritely as myself (did I mention I broke my foot a few months ago?!). The charity I have decided to support is the Kernos Centre in Sudbury. They are a mental health support charity, offering professional counselling and support for people with emotional and psychological difficulties. They ensure that those who need it receive appropriate, effective and ongoing help, regardless of their resources.

I have chosen this cause because the COVID19 pandemic has heightened anxiety in our nation like nothing I have seen in my life time. Isolation has intensified loneliness, lockdown has caused both mental and financial depression. Our lives have been changed entirely, almost overnight. And we’ve all had our dark days and weeks, how could we not? Though many of us choose not to talk about it, pretending we're all ok and have it all under control, the reality is inescapable. Things have got hard. I know from my own experience, and from speaking to many of you during lockdown that things have been really up and down. So I want to support local people, who are struggling, to get the support and care they need. I want them to know that hope is never lost. After all, is there a better Christian truth?

If you would like to support my pilgrimage, and help me raise money for the Kernos Centre and those in the local area struggling with their mental health, please either get in contact, or simply go to my ‘Go Fund Me’ page, and donate safely and simply there. The link is here:


The Fellowship Meetings have been suspended due to the coronavirus.


The Fellowship group meets every 3rd Thursday of the month unless stated otherwise in the programme.

We meet at 2.30pm in the Common Lands Room (Ground Floor) at The Christopher Centre, Gainsborough Street, Sudbury.

Our 2019 Programme is now available at the back of the Church and can also be viewed on the Fellowship Group Page

Irene Harding-Payne - 01787 377102
Avril Gardiner - 01787 377406
Ann Newport - 01787 371518
Pam Arbon - 01787 373316

Singles Lunch Club

Singles lunches take place on the last Sunday of the month. Open to all those who live on their own.

Different venues are chosen each month and transport can be arranged.

The group meets at the chosen venue for a 12.30pm lunch

Information will be updated when  appropriate

Coffee Morning

All meetings have been cancelled for the forseeable future,

Our first "virtual "coffee morning event was very successful and several members of the congregation joined in over the hour.  It was good to talk  and laugh with  people  and hopefully it can be repeated. Watch this space!

There is a coffee morning every Friday from 10.30am in the church.

Coffee mornings on the first Saturday of the month, 10.00 - 12.00 are arranged throughout the year .

The coffee mornings are a  wonderful place to catch up with friends, buy home made cakes and take a chance on the  raffle.  They also  help with the income of the church and the last four coffee mornings have raised over £1000.00

Thank you to everyone who has supported them..

Prayer Breakfasts

Prayer Breakfast meetings have been suspended however Ruth Ridge has set up an email prayer network to circulate requests, resources and good news stories during the time of the corona virus outbreak. In addition, Zoom Prayer Meetings are now happening on Saturday mornings. If you would like to be part of this group, please email Ruth on: . Ruth usually sends out updates on Fridays.



Church Flowers at St. Gregory's

Church Flowers © T5Cambridge

Church Flowers © T5Cambridge

I feel very privileged in heading up a team of such talented and supportive flower arrangers at St Gregory's.    The number of people involved has increased over the last twelve months which means that at Festival times we are able to decorate even more of this lovely building.  The wonderful facilities which we now have in the tower make the work that we do so much easier. There are so many people who visit the church and we hope that the flowers which are regularly in the church and in the porch help to make them feel welcome, as well as give pleasure to the congregation.

I should add at this point that we wouldn't be able to do what we do if it wasn't for the generosity of so many of the congregation who donate money towards the cost of the flowers, both for the festivals and throughout the year. The Team is extremely grateful for those donations as we rely on them completely to achieve the results that we do. In the past year there were quite a few weddings and the flowers for these have been enjoyed by many.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who help, in whatever way, to make the church look so lovely and to earn The Team so many compliments.

Remember if you would like to help with the arranging at St. Gregory's do contact me or speak to one of The Team.

Please let me know as soon as possible of unavailability or if you need to swap.

Julia Jameson
01787 375560