The Bells of St.Gregorys Sudbury

The Eight Bells of St Gregory's Church in Sudbury are in desperate need of an overhaul that could cost in the region of £60,000.

The last refurbishment was carried out more than 100 years ago and today a thorough overhaul is needed.

Tower Captain Pauline Brown has launched a campaign to raise the funds necessary to get the project underway and to keep the church bells ringing.




Pauline has been ringing bells for more than 20 years says that all are becoming difficult to ring. She describes the condition and fitting of the bells as wearing badly.The ancient church, in Gregory Street, is where St Edmund is believed to have been crowned King of East Anglia in 855AD.

The bells are dated back to the 1700s they would need to be taken off site to be thoroughly refurbished and tuned, with quotes coming in at about £60,000. She said a report deemed the work “necessary”.

The parishioners are pleased to hear the bells ring for Sunday services, and so the bell ringers are keen to have the bells overhauled without causing financial problems for the parish.”


st gregory bell
st gregory bell
st gregory bell