Ministry of Greg Webb

Marking the Past- a lasting memorial for the ministry of Greg Webb

St Gregory ChurchOn Sunday 5th March we were delighted that Greg and Jackie’s three children, Nick, Ali and Joey could be with Jackie and all of us as we welcomed into church a new votive candle stand commissioned in his memory. The stand was funded from the collection at Greg’s funeral.

The metal tray of sand in which our candles are placed is suspended on three pillars, representing the three persons of the Trinity who uphold and support our journey of faith. Each pillar has suspended from it a large pebble which Nick and his children gathered from the beach near their home in Swanage, tying the gift more closely to the family. At the top of each pillar is a candle, one of which Greg’s three children each lit as we blessed the candle stand.

Jackie placed the first votive candle, symbolizing our prayer, into the tray. Around the wooden rim which encloses the tray are carved the words ‘Trust,’ ‘Hope’ and ‘Love’, words which characterized Greg’s own faith.

The beautiful light oak of the wood and the tray of sand itself are reminiscent of the desert or wilderness, which is a metaphor for the places where we find ourselves when life overwhelms us, and we turn to God in prayer. Just as the pillars encircle the sand tray God keeps and holds all our prayers safely and as a wise and loving Father, is delighted to respond to our needs.