Highlights of the special moments that we have enjoyed this year.

As always a big thank you to everyone who supported these events.  Please take note of our NEWS PAGE for current meetings that are in our diaries for the next few months that may interest you and where you will be most welcome. If we can help, advise or let you have more information about our events then let us know by contacting the appropriate person in the features below. Previous years events reports may be found at the end of this page.

February 2021

Help throughout Lent

During the Lentern season we have  been reading "Live Lent" each day to focus our minds on the  meaning of  Lent.  The three churches in the locality, St Gregory's, All Saints and St Andrew's have joind together to form Lent groups. Using the York Courses booklet "Receiving Christ" we are  exploring five differnet ways in which we can receive Christ into our lives.

January 2021

Zoom Church Service

January 17th 2021

Once again we are back to Zoom meetings as the Corona virus is very prevalent in the area. Nevertheless we are able to join together to worship, pray  and  sing God's praises