A Pilgrimage to Ely Cathedral

Everyone is beginning to gather for the  start of the  journey

After arriving at the Cathedral  we went to the High Alter

We found our seats to celebrate the Eucharist

David robed to take part in the service


A Pilgrimage Prayer by Sir Walter Raleigh

Give me my scallop - shell of quiet, my staff of faith to walk upon, my script of joy, immortal diet, my bottle of salvation,my gown of glory, hope's true gage, and thus I'll take my pilgrimage.

After lunch we took the Pilgrimage Walk around the cathedral. It began at the sculpture which symbolises the  winding  road to the cross and a walk around the maze on the floor.

The second stop was to reflect on the  nave known as The Ship of the Fens due to  it shape.

We then stopped under the  lantern tower to reflect on the  Cross and ressurection



We had time to reflect in quietness on what we do to proclaim the  Gospel and love of the Lord.
Lord Jesus Christ, lift us from doubt to faith, from despair to  hope,from death to life. Take us, renew us and remake us that we might live for you our glorious, wounded, Risen Lord. Amen

We visited the  chapel of St Etheldreda who founded a nunnery and monastery on the site in 653 AD.

We finished in the Lady Chapel which was displaying the "Vision 20/20" touring collage.

The cathedral was  full of  displays around the theme of "Harvest" based on the local crops and farming around Ely.

It even included sheep!

Our last act of worship was sung even song  when we  listened to the  lovely singing of the  boys choir.

Finally it was time to go home after a wonderful pilgrimage.